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When it comes to end-of-life options, there have been many varied ways, throughout history, of dealing with the remains. Everything from mummification to cryonics (preserving the body via freezing), and funerary rights from a full Catholic mass to an air burial have been used. In this article, three common modern methods will be discussed.

In-ground Burials

One of the most common methods is an in-ground burial. The body is laid in a coffin, or casket, amid satin and lace. After a funeral rite, the loved ones follow their deceased to a cemetery where the casket is placed inside a concrete vault. The family says their last goodbyes, and the vault is closed and sealed. Often there is some type of memorial placed above the casket, usually a tombstone or some other kind of monument. 


Also common is burial in a mausoleum. Mausoleums are buildings placed throughout cemeteries which hold the bodies of the deceased. They can be meant for one family, as a private mausoleum, or they can house anyone's remains, as in a public or community mausoleum. The advantage to using this type of burial is that the family can visit any time they want, regardless of the weather. Generally, the mausoleum is constructed of stone. Inside, there are spaces for the remains of family (or community) members. The mausoleum makes the concrete vault used for in-ground burial unnecessary. Also, tombstones (as such) are not needed in the mausoleum.


Cremation is also a popular choice for dealing with a loved one's remains. The body is placed in a cremator and incinerated at very high temperatures (1400°F – 2100°F). Most of the organic remains vaporize, leaving bones and small bits of metal from teeth fillings, implants, or jewelry that was not removed beforehand. The fragments are then grinded to produce the fine sand-like “ashes” that the family receives. Cremation can be a very good option if cemetery space is limited. The remains can either stay with the family, or they can be scattered as the deceased loved one wishes.


Today, you can choose in-ground burial for either full-body interment (in a casket), or as a resting place for the cremated body (typically inside an urn). Spouses and loved ones can be side-by-side, together beneath the magnificent trees and the open sky. And just because Lincoln Family Group is the best, doesn’t mean it has to cost more. Ask about our Pre-Need options for the best locked in pricing possible.


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