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If you ever had the responsibility of making final arrangements for someone that you love then you probably can answer this question for yourself.  When a death occurs many difficult decisions will have to be made within the next 24 to 48 hours. What kind of mental state would your loved ones be in?  How could they possibly know if they are doing the right thing?  How could they know if this is what you would have wanted?  Planning your final arrangements ahead of time is not to benefit you, it’s to protect the one’s you care about the most from having to make some of life’s most difficult decisions on one of the worst days if not the worst day of their lives.  Wanting to protect the ones you love the most is a natural reaction and that is why we preplan.



Normally it’s our wives or our husbands who are left with the burden of making our final arrangements.  What if something happened to both of you?  Who would be responsible then?  Most couples haven’t discussed their cemetery/funeral arrangements with each other much less a sibling or other family member.  It’s just not part of our normal every day discussions that we have throughout our lives together.  

Our children normally will be next in line after the spouse.   What kind of emotional state do you think they would be in?  If you could help prevent your loved ones from making 90% of the decisions that have to be made in order to have your funeral by doing it yourself ahead of time to relieve the burden, would you do it?  Protecting our families from life’s hardships is only natural.  Why else do we purchase other protections like auto, home, and life insurance?  Is this any different?



Sure there are situations where you can use your life insurance to help pay for most of your cemetery and funeral expenses.  Did you know that your policy must be ASSIGNABLE in order for this to occur?  This means the policy would allow the insurance company to advance money directly to the funeral home or cemetery within 3 to 4 business days.  Only 70% of life insurance policies are assignable.  Do you want to take that risk?  If it is not assignable most families would not receive their money until the insurance company goes through their investigation process.  On average funds are available in 30 to 90 days.   When a death occurs aren’t we trying to have the committal service within a week?

If you could leave your family in a better financial position as a result of your death would you do it?  Most families purchase life insurance on the husband first, why is that?  Two Thirds of the time men tend to die first but that is not the #1 reason for this action.  Being the head of household traditionally means the primary source of income right?    What would happen to the surviving family’s way of life when that income is gone?  Life insurance is designed to replace that income so the family can continue the way of life that they have grown so accustomed to.   If you purchased life insurance to bury you then you may as well reach you hand up through the dirt and take that policy down with you.  Which way truly benefits the family more? 


Planning ahead prevents inflation from happening.  You’re planning for tomorrow’s service at today’s price.  Remember that your life insurance policy does not prevent inflation of cemetery and funeral arrangements.  If the total cost of both cemetery and funeral arrangements range from $7000 to $15,000 today, what do you think it will be in 20 years?  The biggest cliché we here in this industry is “IF ONLY I KNEW THEN WHAT I KNOW NOW”.  There are 2 well known and proven facts:  1) Final arrangement prices will increase regularly if you don’t lock in the rates by pre-planning.  2)  Death will come for us all, one day.

Preplanning ahead allows you to fit this into your budget monthly with monthly terms of payment.  If a death occurred today and you didn’t plan ahead, your final arrangements would need to be paid IN FULL before a burial can take place. 

God for bid if a death occurred and there is still a balance on the account, we will take care of that balance for the family if the terms of the agreement were met.

Children and grandchildren are covered at no additional charge until the age of 18 if the terms of the agreement were met as well.

We provide an unemployment protection benefit in case of loss of job.

Which way makes more sense; Pay cash for something that we all will have to have one day at that days prices, or lock in your arrangements at today’s prices and pay on it monthly with terms that fit your budget while at the same time covering your children and grandchildren until the age of 18?  Preplanning ensure families don’t emotional overspend when a death occurs.  If you were to lose your spouse or a parent and you are the one deciding on what type of arrangements to purchase, are you really focused on how much money you’re going to save at that very moment?



Most individuals purchase their final arrangements after personally experiencing making final arrangements for someone they love.  Why is that?  It’s simple, to relieve their significant other and children from the tremendous burden and many difficult decisions that they just experienced.  Planning ahead of time gives PEACE of MIND.  This has been proven to be the #1 reason families preplan.  To know that you just removed one of life’s most difficult responsibilities from the people you love the most has to feel good doesn’t it? 

By planning ahead your family now knows what your wants and final wishes are because it is documented and finalized.  When a death occurs, families tend to honor their loved ones final wishes, whatever those may be.   Wouldn’t you say that is an accurate statement?  Many would tend to agree as well.

You’re making these decisions together instead of alone when you are not in the best frame of mind.  As a family you make many difficult decisions together already correct?  Should this be any different?  Actually if you really stop to think about it making your final arrangements together would be one of the most important decisions you will ever make for the benefit of your family.

It’s not a question of IF, but rather yet WHEN you die have you done everything in your power to remove as much of the financial and emotional burdens that WILL come from making your final arrangements?  We at the Lincoln Family Group are here to help you every step of the way because we see first hand on a daily basis what these families are forced to go through when they are making these arrangements a day or two after losing someone who has been a part of their life for many years. 



If what you just read makes any sense to you at all, please contact the counselor below and schedule an in-home visit to further educate yourself and your family.  By doing so and presenting this brochure to the counselor, you will receive a Complimentary Personal Planning Guide upon the arrival of the Family Service Counselor.  Many families who filled this guide out ahead of time before a death occurred have told us they found theirs to be priceless at the time of their loved ones death.   Yes this is an uncomfortable subject to discuss, but isn’t it worth your peace of mind?


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